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Vijay K. Shahi (MD)
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Our Plant

Plant at a Glance
The facility at Haridwar has the following installed capacity to manufacture Tablet, Capsule and Oral Liquid dosage form of Non Beta Lactum Products. The site consists of manufacturing block for Tablet, Capsule & Oral Liquid dosage form. The departments are Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Reception, Warehouse, Engineering, Utility, Personnel & Administration, Procurement, Artwork Designing, Accounts, Regulatory and PPIC.

The walls are painted with antifungal plastic enamel emulsion paint and the core areas are painted with PU paints. The floors are covered with Kota stone with joints in gap of 4 mm thick and 10 mm deep with solvent free epoxy resin material. The epoxy covings have been done at all the corners, wall to wall joints, wall to floor joint, wall to ceiling joints etc.

The covings are built with Silica and polyurethane based material. 'Hygiene coating' for walls and floors are designed to help maintain hygienic environment. They prevent the spreading of germs, reduce the risk of contamination and protects against harmful microorganism.

Pharma Equipments

All major equipments are of cGMP model and are procured from the leading domestic manufacturers such as Ganson's Auto Coater, Cadmac's Compression Machine, Pharma Lab's Liquid Line, Elmach's Blister Machine, Rapid Pack's Alu-Alu Packing machine and many others.

The Manufacturing Block is equipped with 26 AHU and 01 forced ventilation system catering the quality air supplies to various sections. Each area is covered with separate AHU.

Entire processing area is classified to be maintaining the requirements of Class 1, 00,000. The entire HVAC system is validated as per the validation protocol.

The filter is designed as pre-filtration using 20 micron & 10 micron filters followed by 3 micron fine filter and terminal 0.3 micron HEPA filters.

Schematic drawings of water system
The source of water is from the Bore well, which is stored in overhead Sintex storage tanks of 10 KL capacity.

The raw water is treated by passing the raw water from sand filter bed to remove the coarse impurities.

The pre filtered water is passed through Cation and Anion exchanger pressure vessels to remove the Ions. Remaining traces of Ions are removed from water through Mix Bed filter. The water is passed through 5 micron cartridge filter.

Finally disinfection of water is carried out by UV treatment of water. Treated water is stored in SS 316L storage tank under continuous re-circulation in SS 316L Loop along with all the user points having Zero dead leg valves. The water quality is monitored through on line Conductivity meter & continuous chemical and microbiological monitoring.

Manufacturing - Features
Some of the latest features are:
Sustain Release Tabs / Caps Transparent Cough Expectorant
Mouth Dissolving Tabs Attractive Alu. Pouch Packs
Dispersible Tabs Effervescent Tabs
Enteric Coated Tabs  

Over and above all these a wide range of packing options with extensive capabilities provided at Ravian. The packaging is available for different pack sizes of:
Tablets Alu-Alu / Blister / Strip
Capsules Alu-Alu / Blister / Strip
Liquid Orals Glass & PET Bottles

Production Capacity
The following are the list of manufacturing capacity for respective dosage forms:-
Compressed Tablets 300 Crore Tablets per year
Hard Gelatin Capsules 30 Crore Capsules per year
Oral Liquid 4.5 Crore Bottles per year
1. Dried Fermentate Yeast 125mg/5ml Syrup    2. Methotrexate 7.5mg & Folic Acid 1mg Tablets    3. L-5 Methylfolate Calcium 7.5mg Tablets    4. L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium 800mcg Tablets    5. Mycophenolic Acid 360mg with Sodium salt Tablets    6. Voriconazole 200mg Tablets    7. L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium, Methylcobalamin & Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Tablets    8. Multivitamin, Multimineral & Antioxident Capsules     9. Celecoxib 200 mg capsules    10. Eterocoxib 120 mg     11. Cholecalciferol 1000 IU / 2000 IU / 60,000 IU     12. Cholecalciferol 400 IU/ ml. Drops     13. Propranolol HCl 40mg As Sustain Release + Flunarizine 10mg Tab     14. Deflazacort 6mg / 18mg / 24mg & 30mg Tablets
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